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Friends of Sugar Creek, Inc.
P.O. Box 291
Crawfordsville, IN

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Lets see some updated Sugar Creek happenings!

It Would be nice to read more recent articles about Sugar Creek, It is mentioned that fossils are found in sugar creek, posting these photos would be great! would love to see some pictures of these fossils that are found here in Sugar creek, and also read some updated material from "the friends of sugar creek", i live near the creek, (recently in from out of state), i walk to the creek each evening, and watch the many different types of birds, watch the turtles, listen to the frogs, i have been collecting some awsome rocks, I've watch people floating on tubes, canoing,kayaking, I see people fishing, all in all , many seem to enjoy Sugar Creek, just wondering why no one is keeping up on all the activity I see going on at Sugar Creek! I've watch the Creek change daily, from almost flood levels to the normal level..... it's peacful to sit back & take in the beautiful scenery of Sugar Creek, I am surprised to see that the last post was 40 plus weeks ago, ! Every evening the past few weeks i have watched 2 Great Blue Herons! ( I saw one Blus Heron catch his dinner for the night! We should let everyone know about all the wonderful things happening along Sugar Creek! There are so many exciting things happening olong the creek,