Storm Board OKs $516k Budget

Storm Board Oks $516k Budget
The Paper of Montgomery County 3/7/2009
by Rick Holtz

The Stormwater Utility Board's first budget is now headed to the city council.

The utility board approved a $516,300 budget Thursday night at their special meeting. MS4 Officer Gary Weliver said the budget will be funded by charging Crawfordsville's 745 residential users $6 per month, while non-residential users will be charged based on a five-tiered classing system. The users are divided based on their number of total square feet. The rate ranges from $10.20 a month for properties with 50,000 square feet or fewer, all the way to $155.10 per month for properties with more than 250,000 square feet.

Weliver said he is pleased that the budget is now passed. He is also pleased with the rate system.

"I think it is very fair," he said. "(The rate system) does not create a burden on any one group."

Weliver said that the budget commits 80 percent of the funds to storm water quality and the remaining 20 percent to storm water quantity.

The budget now heads to the Crawfordsville City Council. Councilwoman Nellie Thompson said that the council will discuss the budget Monday night at 7 p.m. at their regular meeting. The council will have to set a public hearing on the budget.

Weliver said that the storm utilities' next job will be to discuss billing options.

"We have to look at how other communities handle billing," he said.

City attorney Dave Peebles said that it could still be August or September before the utility would see money coming in, even if the budget is on the fast track.

In other action:

- The utility board discussed cleaning the storm water system.