Nature Park Captures State Honor

Nature Park Captures State Honor
Journal Review
by Barry Lewis

The Crawfordsville Nature Park was the topic of a lot of discussion during Tuesday’s City Council Committee meeting, but that all seemed somewhat moot when Mayor Charlie Coons closed the meeting with an announcement about the park.

Mayor Coons read the following from the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns: “Congratulations Mayor Coons. Your nomination of Crawfordsville Sugar Creek Nature park project has been selected as an IACT Community Achievement Award winner for communities of 10,000 to19,999.”

Crawfordsville was one of five communities from around the state to receive the honor. The award will be presented to the mayor at the state IACT meeting in Fort Wayne at noon Oct. 4.

“This is a great honor for the city and everyone who has been involved with the project,” Coons said. “It shows that other people are seeing what we are doing. This award can help to open even more doors for many things such as grants.

“To be one of five communities is a tremendous honor and we should all be very proud.”

Representatives from IACT will be in town on Friday with a videographer who will video the project and also video the mayor and two others about the importance of the project. That video will be played at the awards ceremony.

“It’s all about coming together and getting the job done,” Coons said. “We have had volunteers after volunteers make this project happen and when I found out about this award I was very honored and happy for all the people who have put in the time and effort to make it what it is today.”

Earlier in the night there was quite a bit of discussion about a resolutions amending a resolution
regarding the Sugar Creek Nature Park Fund. The new resolution was going to transfer who was in charge of the fund, which currently has about $50 in it.

The park Board and the Waste Water Board have an agreement switching the park from the Parks department to the Storm Water Department.

Several of the council members were opposed to this.

“It’s a park so why would we want it to be under the Storm Water Department,” said Councilwoman Heather Perkins. “It makes no sense at all. We still have storm outlets that are fixed and until they can do the jobs they are supposed to be doing I don’t see why we should
pile anything else on that department.

“It just doesn’t make sense.”

MS4 Director Gary Weliver said his department wouldn’t really be doing anything more than what it is now and the parks department would still help out.

“It’s was all about who can pay the claims,” Weliver also said.

To have the nature park under his department helps fill some federal regulations for public education which is needed for the city to be in MS4 compliance. Perkins had other thoughts.

“You can still use the park, it just doesn’t need to be under your department,” she said. “I am totally against this.”

Denny Cook, George Parker and Patrick Taylor seemed to agree with Perkins.