Canoe Race Has Good Turnout

Canoe Race Has Good Turnout
Journal Review
by Tina McGrady

Seventeen boats with 23 paddlers entered Saturday’s 48th Annual Sugar Creek Canoe and Kayak Race.

“It’s a good turnout,” said race organizer Bob Stwalley. “The creek is up with the rains this week, so it will be a fast race.”

Stwalley said it turned out to be a good day for the 47th running of the race. Last year’s race was canceled due to flooding.

“Water is at premium level with a good five inches above the normal flow,” Stwalley said. “Temperature on the other hand is in the 90s and the humidity is oppressive.”

Both recreational and United States Canoe Association paddlers launched boats from the trailhead at 44 Rock River Ridge Road and traveled 12 miles downstream to Deer’s Mill.

Local residents entered 12 boats. Roland and Linda Muhlen came the farthest from Cincinnati, Ohio. Roland is a two-time national champion and two-times Olympian.

He is also a former winner of the Sugar Creek Race.

“This is a really neat river,” Roland Muhlen said. “It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve been on it.”

The Muhlens finished first in the C-2 Mixed division with a time of one minute, 33.48 seconds.

Bob Demoret, who was co-winner of the first Sugar Creek race, ran again in this year’s race. He has never missed paddling in the race — a distance of well over 500 miles of racing on Sugar Creek, Stwalley reported.

Demoret finished first in the C-2 Standard Men’s division with a time of 1:45.00.

Steven Horney of Hunterstown had the fastest time in a kayak at 1:28.31.

Bill Kanost placed first in a one-man canoe 17 seconds behind Horney.

Other local winners were Paul Todd of Darlington who finished the Rec K-1 division with a time of 2:10.38 and Jim Deckard and Russ Switzer, both of Crawfordsville, who finished the Rec K-2 division with a time of 1:51.13.

K-l Open
1. Steven Hornery, Hunterstown, 1:28.31
2. Brock Artfitch, Hicksville, Ohio, 1:39.53

Sea Kayak
1. Matt Conrad, Plymouth, 1: 33.10

C-l Men
1. Bill Kanost, Valparaiso, 1:28.48
2. Tom Thomas, Jasonville, 1:29.18
3. Skeet Craig, Layafette, 1:33.08
4. Terry Pontius, Lafayette, 1:36.51

C-2 Mixed
1. Roland and Linda Muhlen Cincinnati, Ohio, 1:33.48

C-2 Standard Men
1. Bob Demoret, Crawfordsville, 1:45.00
David Veach, Crawfordsville

Rec K-l
1. Paul Todd, Darlington, 2:10..38
2. Issac Williams, Oaktown, 2:21.01

Rec C-2 Men
1. Jim Deckard, Crawfordsville, 1: 51.13
Russ Switzer, Crawfordsville
2. Bob Stwalley III, Lafayette, 1:52.07
Russ Stwalley, Darlington
3. Ronnie Walters, Crawfordsville, 1:57.59
Brian Turpin
4. Isacc Zull, Crawfordsville, 2:00.58
Juan Cruz
5. David Maurer, Muncie, 2:l8.47
Dennis Deroff, Shelbyville