Sugar Creek Documentary

Sugar Creek Documentary
The Story of Sugar Creek began over 18,000 years ago. For centuries Native Americans depended on the clear waters of the "ahsenaamisi siipiiwi" for survival. Our forefathers relied on it for food, transportation, commerce and recreation. Many species of fish, birds and wildlife still populate the creek and its adjacent lands. Now the river faces growing ecological threats from the industrial and agricultural institutions it helped to create.

The story of Sugar Creek is both beautiful and tragic, providing insight into our mistakes and opportunities for the future. You can view the documentary split into four sections using the Youtube links below. DVD copies of this 34-minute video are also available by request. Please contact for more information. Friends of Sugar Creek thanks Tipmont REMC for donating production and distribution costs for this project.

Part 1 -- Overview, Native American & Pioneer Settlements

Part 2 -- Geology, Industry, Cultural History

Part 3 -- Recreation & Ecology

Part 4 -- Environmental Concerns