Is New City Department Needed?

Is New City Department Needed?
The Paper of Montgomery County 1/16/2009
by Rick Holz

Does the City of Crawfordsville need a new stormwater department, or can the current departments perform the duties of a storm water department?

That is a question that the Stormwater Board will have to answer in the near future. Members of the Crawfordsville City Council asked the board to keep looking at options.

"My big concern is the budget cuts coming up in the next few years," Councilman Denny Cook said.

Cook asked if the existing employees could be reassigned.

"Let's start out and make some baby-steps," he said.

Councilwoman Heather Perkins said that after the city spent months working on a bare bones budget, it would be "irresponsible" to create a new department.

"You can't expand government with less money," she said. "Doing the right thing doesn't mean doing the easiest thing."

City attorney Dave Peebles said that the board will have to set a stormwater rate for a budget in the coming months. He said that involving the council in the process now is best.

"This is the best forum to get it right," Peebles said.

He said that while the board will set the rate, it will have to go to the council for approval and the council can change it later.